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Moments after a car crash, what should you do?

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, there will be a lot of confusion and anger. The people involved in the crash will be understandably anxious, tense, and unsure about what they are supposed to do next. If injuries are involved, that can complicate the matter further. But for the sake of this discussion, let's assume the accident is minor in nature and no serious injuries occurred. In this scenario, what should you do following the crash?

In the seconds after your car and another car collide, you need to do everything in your power to remain calm and not flee the scene. Doing so would make your accident a criminal matter. Stay at the scene and provide any help that you can to any injured victims.

Why it's crucial to follow your recovery plan after surgery

While preparing for surgery, one of the last things you want to think about is something going wrong. Unfortunately, medical errors account for a large portion of preventable injuries, illnesses or deaths in New Jersey and across the country.

After you return home from a surgical treatment, follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid an infection or injury.

How to strengthen a personal-injury lawsuit

Not all personal-injury lawsuits are created equal. For example, some are harder to prove than others, while the injuries in some have a bigger effect on a person's life.

No matter what the details of your case, here are a few elements that can make your case stronger. 

How to avoid common workplace injuries

Every time you show up to your job, you assume at least some level of risk, although the specifics and chances of your suffering an injury vary with your field, industry and position.

Even so, there are certain workplace injuries that occur far more frequently than others. Identifying what the injuries are and how they occur may help you learn to avoid suffering one yourself.

How to avoid a workplace injury at a warehouse

Construction, nursing and manufacturing may get all the attention for workplace accidents, but they are not the only industries with a high risk of injury. In fact, because these occupations are so dangerous, many regulations and training programs are in place to reduce the risk.

Every workplace should have safety measures and thorough training to protect employees. Warehouses are no exception. While your employer is ultimately responsible for your safety, you can take these steps to further safeguard your health.

Why you must follow doctor's orders after a work injury

One of the most important steps following a workplace injury is seeking medical attention right away. Failing to do so can harm your case, as insurance providers may interpret the delay as meaning you have a false or minor injury.

In addition to medical care through your employer's network, it can be wise to get a second opinion to ensure test results, immediate treatment and long-term recovery plans are complete and accurate.

3 reasons to seek medical attention immediately after an accident

A car accident is a traumatic incident for any driver, and the immediate aftermath can leave you overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. With the onslaught of calls from insurance companies and the pressure of dealing with law enforcement, it can be easy to put off seeking the medical care you need. This can be a dangerous and costly mistake.

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, there are nearly 60,000 car accidents annually in the state that result in injuries. Even if you are lucky enough to emerge from an auto collision seemingly unscathed, there are a few reasons why it is imperative that you get treatment as soon as possible.

More on the strict liability standard

The law of defective products is complex. A previous post on this blog from several months ago discussed the different liability standards that might apply to a products liability case. Perhaps the most well-known of these standards is what people in the legal world call "strict liability."

As the name "strict liability" implies, in cases involving defective products, usually a Camden County resident is not going to have to show that the seller or manufacturer of the product was actually negligent, or careless, in order to recover compensation for his or her injuries. The idea behind this strict liability standard is that it is very difficult to prove how a manufacturer carelessly made a product.

Famous boxer killed in work-related accident

A recent tragedy that struck along the waterfront of Camden serves as a powerful reminder that even the most physically fit and active employees can easily fall victim to a fatal construction accident.

A former boxer who was working in a construction zone in Camden died after a metal object from the construction site fell on him. The man was 60 years old and had been working in construction for over 35 years. He was a member of a regional carpenters' union.

Woman found dead after wandering away from nursing home

The body of a woman who was in a nursing home across the border from New Jersey was found alongside a road two miles away from the facility. The woman was 77 and had Alzheimer's Disease, a condition that affects one's mental faculties. She had been missing from her nursing home since late August.

According to reports, the woman somehow managed to take off from the nursing home without anyone trying to stop her. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. While the nursing facility has promised to cooperate with authorities as they continue their investigation, it has not admitted fault. The home did offer a reward for the woman's return, and the home's search area also swept a broad region, including parts of Southern New Jersey.