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We fight against workers' compensation claim denials

New Jersey residents who have been injured on the job can have a hard time making ends meet as they try to get back on their feet. After all, their injuries could knock them out of work for a significant period of time, meaning that they will not be able to earn income. This can be especially problematic when medical expenses and rehabilitation costs come into play. Fortunately, these individuals are oftentimes afforded workers' compensation benefits, but the process of obtaining these benefits is not always as easy as it seems. Far too often there are disputes between an injured worker and their employer or their employer's insurance. These disputes can be over any number of matters, including whether the claim qualifies for workers' compensation and which medical treatment should be undertaken.

The common defenses to medical malpractice

Receiving medical care should be, and often is, a great thing. Medical advances and continuous research has led to faster diagnoses, new treatment options, and quicker and more effective medical care overall. However, the field is still subject to human error. When a doctor or nurse makes a mistake, then what would otherwise be excellent medical care can turn into a living nightmare. Victims can be left with serious pain and suffering as well as extensive financial losses in the form of medical expenses and lost wages. Also, negligent medical care may lead to a worsened medical condition and even a decreased chance of survival.

Cell phone use dramatically increases risk of car accident

On an everyday basis, you've probably seen individuals driving while distracted. Whether texting and driving, eating, searching for something in a glove box, or talking to a backseat passenger, many motorists engage in activities that take their attention from the task at hand: driving.

We stand up for those hurt by medical malpractice

Going to the doctor can be stressful, particularly if you suspect you have a medical condition. Yet, you probably also take comfort in the fact that your doctor has obtained extensive training and experience. You, therefore, rely on them to accurately and timely diagnose your condition and prescribe a course of treatment that will address it. You also expect that treatment to be carried out properly, meaning that you are kept safe from harm. In the event that the treatment poses risks, then you should be notified and have the opportunity to give your consent before that treatment is undertaken.

The three theories of product liability

When consumers buy a product, they may give very little thought to its safety. Sure, they might be concerned about quality, but usually in a way that deals with the product's longevity. There is good reason for this lack of concern. State and federal legislators and regulators have implemented laws and rules to help ensure products that hit the market are safe for consumers to use. Although most products adhere to the standards imposed by these rules and regulations, there are instances where dangerous products make their way to the market, putting unsuspecting consumers at risk of harm.

VA successfully sued after failure to diagnose cancer

The brave men and women of our armed forces put their lives on the line to protect our country and our country's interests. When these individuals finish their time in the military, the very least we can do is provide them with the best healthcare available. Although the Department of Veteran Affairs seeks to provide such care through the VA hospital system, far too often this care falls short. Medical malpractice, after all, isn't a problem seen just by hospitals accessible to the general public. But just like those who are injured by hospital negligence in normal hospitals, those injured by a negligent doctor or nurse at a VA hospital may be able to recover compensation for their damages.

Car accidents and vicarious liability

For many New Jersey residents who have been injured in wrecks, filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver who harmed them will result in the recovery of compensation. This money oftentimes helps these victims recoup their lost wages and pay off their medical expenses. It can even help ease one's pain and suffering. Yet, far too many times these victims' recoveries, while extensive, do not cover the true harm caused to them. This can even happen when a judge or jury awards an adequate amount, as sometimes the defendant is physically unable to pay the full recovery amount.

How is breast cancer diagnosed?

The sudden onset of a medical condition can be debilitating and frightening. Fortunately, educated and experienced medical professionals, coupled with effective surgical and medication-driven treatments, can oftentimes halt a worsening medical condition, ease symptoms or even cure a disease altogether. However, the effectiveness of such treatments depends on a medical professional's ability to make an accurate and timely diagnosis. Those who fail to do so could be leaving patients at risk of a worsened medical condition, perhaps even to the point where the condition becomes fatal.

Helping injured consumers initiate a products liability action

Everyday, residents in New Jersey purchase goods of various types for a wide variety of purposes. While these goods and products make like easier and more efficient, some product pose some risks and problems. This is especially true if a product malfunctions or is defective. A defective product easily turns into a dangerous product, causing serious and even fatal injuries to the consumers that use them.

Whether it is a product that is used daily, such as a vehicle, coffee maker or a cell phone, or a product used sporadically, such as a power tool, vacuum or lawn mower, consumers expect a product to work as expected when used the way it was designed to be used. Unfortunately, even when a product is properly used, a relatively safe consumer good can turn into a deadly one.

Common types of workers' compensation disputes

Suffering an injury while on the job is often the starting point for much confusion for New Jersey workers. The workers' compensation system can be highly frustrating to navigate on one's own, especially if a dispute arises. What are some of the common types of workers' compensation disputes that can occur between a worker and an employer?

One common dispute that can come up is whether the injury itself is eligible for New Jersey workers' compensation benefits. Sometimes, these types of issues are not always easy to determine. For instance, is an injured worker eligible for benefits if they were injured while working but not in the actual workplace? Or when driving a company car during the work day? Or while driving their own car while still engaged in work for their employer? These and many other common questions about eligibility and claim compensability can be answered by a New Jersey workers' comp attorney.

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