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Permanent disability benefits offered in New Jersey

In most cases, workers' compensation benefits in this state help New Jersey workers who get hurt on the job stay on their feet financially while they get back on their feet physically. In other words, workers' compensation covers an injured employee's medical bills and will also cover a portion of their lost wages.

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which a Camden worker has been hurt to such an extent or become so sick, such is in the case of toxic exposure, that he or she is unlikely ever to return to work. In other cases, a person may experience an ongoing disability, but the disability does not entirely prevent a person from working.

Top 3 mistakes to avoid if injured at work

No matter how safe your workplace is, you should always be ready to handle the situation if you do get injured. If you are not prepared, you can make costly mistakes. When you suffer an on-the-job injury, you need to know what to do and what mistakes to avoid.

Making simple errors can significantly reduce your compensation benefits. Because these issues can be damaging to your case, you should be familiar with three mistakes to avoid if you ever get injured at your job.

What mistakes do people make after car accidents?

It is common for individuals to make mistakes after being involved in car accidents. It's not surprising that mistakes are made, because most people don't know what steps they should take after a crash.

Unfortunately, mistakes can have major ramifications. Below are four common mistakes that motorists make after accidents.

Accident kills several New Jersey family members, neighbor

A head-on collision on a neighborhood street in Camden County left four people dead. Three of the victims were family members, and the other victim was a neighbor of the family who lived just down the street and was traveling alone. In addition to the deaths, two other people were critically injured. The condition of the two people who were injured was described as "stable."

An investigation in to the cause of the accident is still underway, and police are still awaiting medical reports that might show whether either of the drivers were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Both drivers died in the crash.

Is there any injury I cannot get workers' compensation for?

Camden County, New Jersey residents can rest assured that if they suffer a workplace injury, they will in the vast majority of cases be able to get workers' compensation benefits that will help them cover their lost wages and medical expenses.

As this blog has mentioned before, workers' compensation is a no-fault system, meaning that an injured worker does not need to worry about whether he or she will get benefits should it turn out that he or she was a little careless in doing a job or was otherwise partially responsible for his or her own injuries. The law of New Jersey acknowledges that workers are human and make mistakes, but these mistakes should not mean they get no help after an injury.

Holding manufacturers of dangerous products strictly accountable

As a previous post on this blog discussed, if a Camden County resident gets hurt by a dangerous or defective product, he or she can sue based on legal principle called strict liability. Basically, it means that the law makes manufacturers of products that turn out to be dangerous financially accountable for all the injuries those products cause, even if the manufacturer exercise the utmost care and caution when doing so.

However, no one should think of strict liability as a free pass in the courtroom, nor should anyone doubt that the manufacturers of products and the insurance companies that represent them will fight hard not to have to pay any more compensation than they absolutely have to.

More on the strict liability standard

The law of defective products is complex. A previous post on this blog from several months ago discussed the different liability standards that might apply to a products liability case. Perhaps the most well-known of these standards is what people in the legal world call "strict liability."

As the name "strict liability" implies, in cases involving defective products, usually a Camden County resident is not going to have to show that the seller or manufacturer of the product was actually negligent, or careless, in order to recover compensation for his or her injuries. The idea behind this strict liability standard is that it is very difficult to prove how a manufacturer carelessly made a product.

Famous boxer killed in work-related accident

A recent tragedy that struck along the waterfront of Camden serves as a powerful reminder that even the most physically fit and active employees can easily fall victim to a fatal construction accident.

A former boxer who was working in a construction zone in Camden died after a metal object from the construction site fell on him. The man was 60 years old and had been working in construction for over 35 years. He was a member of a regional carpenters' union.

Woman found dead after wandering away from nursing home

The body of a woman who was in a nursing home across the border from New Jersey was found alongside a road two miles away from the facility. The woman was 77 and had Alzheimer's Disease, a condition that affects one's mental faculties. She had been missing from her nursing home since late August.

According to reports, the woman somehow managed to take off from the nursing home without anyone trying to stop her. Police are continuing to investigate the incident. While the nursing facility has promised to cooperate with authorities as they continue their investigation, it has not admitted fault. The home did offer a reward for the woman's return, and the home's search area also swept a broad region, including parts of Southern New Jersey.