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October 2017 Archives

3 reasons to seek medical attention immediately after an accident

A car accident is a traumatic incident for any driver, and the immediate aftermath can leave you overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. With the onslaught of calls from insurance companies and the pressure of dealing with law enforcement, it can be easy to put off seeking the medical care you need. This can be a dangerous and costly mistake.

We help injured workers get the right type and amount of payments

As this blog has discussed freely, our law office has successfully represented workers who have had their workers' compensation claims denied outright by an insurance company. We take pride in doing so, as we know that employees in Camden County count on those benefits when they get injured on the job, and it can be financially devastating not to get those benefits after an injury.

How partial and temporary disability benefits fuction

A previous post on this blog discussed how Camden, New Jersey, workers who get injured or ill due to their job can in certain circumstances get ongoing workers' compensation benefits. More specifically, these "permanent" benefits are available to workers whose injuries are so severe that they will never be able to return to their old job or, for that matter, any meaningful line of work.

How common is wrong-site surgery?

Many Camden, New Jersey residents and others who live in the Philly suburbs have probably heard horror stories of surgeons operating on the wrong part of a patient's body. In these situations, the patient still is not better and now likely has another completely unnecessary medical problem, which can in extreme cases include even the loss of a healthy limb.

Permanent disability benefits offered in New Jersey

In most cases, workers' compensation benefits in this state help New Jersey workers who get hurt on the job stay on their feet financially while they get back on their feet physically. In other words, workers' compensation covers an injured employee's medical bills and will also cover a portion of their lost wages.

Accident kills several New Jersey family members, neighbor

A head-on collision on a neighborhood street in Camden County left four people dead. Three of the victims were family members, and the other victim was a neighbor of the family who lived just down the street and was traveling alone. In addition to the deaths, two other people were critically injured. The condition of the two people who were injured was described as "stable."

Is there any injury I cannot get workers' compensation for?

Camden County, New Jersey residents can rest assured that if they suffer a workplace injury, they will in the vast majority of cases be able to get workers' compensation benefits that will help them cover their lost wages and medical expenses.

Holding manufacturers of dangerous products strictly accountable

As a previous post on this blog discussed, if a Camden County resident gets hurt by a dangerous or defective product, he or she can sue based on legal principle called strict liability. Basically, it means that the law makes manufacturers of products that turn out to be dangerous financially accountable for all the injuries those products cause, even if the manufacturer exercise the utmost care and caution when doing so.

More on the strict liability standard

The law of defective products is complex. A previous post on this blog from several months ago discussed the different liability standards that might apply to a products liability case. Perhaps the most well-known of these standards is what people in the legal world call "strict liability."