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November 2017 Archives

We represent victims of pharmacy errors

A previous post on this blog discussed the different types of mistakes a pharmacist might make when dispensing medication. Although the pharmacist's job is to follow the doctor's orders and know enough about medications to help a patient, their role in the world of medicine is critical, as their mistake could mean a patient does not get the right medication and suffers a medical setback as a result.

What sort of errors can happen at a pharmacy?

When Camden County, New Jersey, residents go to the doctor, it is not uncommon for them to get a prescription and have to go to the pharmacy to fill it. This is usually not a complicated part of visiting the doctor, although some of the drugs a patient will receive may be powerful drugs that can cause a lot of damage if not used according to the drug's intended purpose.

What does the phrase standard of care mean?

In medical malpractice cases, a victim must prove that his or her doctor violated what people call the standard of care before he or she can expect to get compensation for his or her injuries. Many Camden County, New Jersey, residents may wonder what exactly the standard of care entails, especially if they themselves feel that their doctors have injured them through their mistakes.

Seek justice when a child gets hurt by a dangerous product

No Camden, New Jersey, parent wants to see their beloved son or daughter get hurt, particularly when it seems like the accident was preventable. However, as a previous post on this blog discussed, children can and often do get hurt by toys, clothing and other items on the market that are supposedly designed with them in mind.

Why you must follow doctor's orders after a work injury

After you receive instructions on how to care for and heal from your injury, it is vital that you follow doctor's orders. Any neglect of or deviance from these directions can lead to the denial of your workers' compensation claim, as well as hinder proper recovery, leading to long-term consequences on your health and ability to work.

Safety considerations for Halloween costumes

With the night of trick-or-treating now over, most Camden County, New Jersey, parents are probably glad that their kids had a great time dressing up and getting candy from their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, there will always be handful of children who wind up getting hurt on Halloween, and many times, these injuries are due to dangerous products.