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December 2017 Archives

Fines for nursing home neglect being decreased

Many nursing homes in Camden County, New Jersey, rely on receiving payments from Medicare and Medicaid, both government health care programs, in order to stay in business. This is a useful setup for preventing nursing home deaths, since these programs can insist that the nursing homes adhere to certain minimum standards.

How 'informed consent' plays in to medical malpractice cases

This blog has on several previous occasions discussed how residents of Camden and the other New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia have legal options to pursue compensation if their doctors make mistakes in their diagnosis or treatment, and those careless errors cause them further harm.

Woman injured after car hits commuter train

A woman was complaining of chest pain and taken to the hospital after her car collided with a commuter train operated by New Jersey Transit. The full extent of the woman's injuries was not reported, and they may not be fully known until several weeks or even months down the road. Not surprisingly, the woman's vehicle was totaled, having been severely mangled by the weight of the train.

Those in New Jersey injured by dangerous toys may have options

A previous post on this blog discussed what at least one group has identified as this holiday season's most dangerous toys. Although just about any toy can hurt children in New Jersey, these toys seemed to have a particular feature about them, like a strangulation hazard or the possibility of a burn or fall, that make them particularly hazardous.

OSHA violations and their impact on workplace injury cases

As the federal agency in charge of regulating workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, issues rules that most Camden County, New Jersey, employers, particularly those who operate in manufacturing and industry, must follow.

Let us deal with pushback in a product liability claim

As a previous post on this blog discussed, product manufacturers and their insurance companies have certain defenses available to them if they get sued in products liability case, even though under New Jersey law, they are strictly liable to pay compensation if their products wind up causing injuries, even though they took steps to make the product safe.

Report: Fatal medical errors leading cause of American deaths

It might be surprising to people in New Jersey, and somewhat shocking even, to hear that fatal medical mistakes might rank among the leading causes of death in the United States, behind only cancer and heart disease. This claim is the conclusion of a report from the last two years, which was at the time of its release summarized by some media outlets.

Products liability: more on the 'product misuse' defense

As this blog has discussed before, if a Camden resident gets hurt because of a defective product that was marketed to the open public, then he or she can seek to hold the manufacturer and seller of the product strictly liable for his or her injuries, meaning the company will have to pay compensation even if they took reasonable steps to ensure the product was safe.