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How 'informed consent' plays in to medical malpractice cases

This blog has on several previous occasions discussed how residents of Camden and the other New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia have legal options to pursue compensation if their doctors make mistakes in their diagnosis or treatment, and those careless errors cause them further harm.

We represent victims of pharmacy errors

A previous post on this blog discussed the different types of mistakes a pharmacist might make when dispensing medication. Although the pharmacist's job is to follow the doctor's orders and know enough about medications to help a patient, their role in the world of medicine is critical, as their mistake could mean a patient does not get the right medication and suffers a medical setback as a result.

What sort of errors can happen at a pharmacy?

When Camden County, New Jersey, residents go to the doctor, it is not uncommon for them to get a prescription and have to go to the pharmacy to fill it. This is usually not a complicated part of visiting the doctor, although some of the drugs a patient will receive may be powerful drugs that can cause a lot of damage if not used according to the drug's intended purpose.

What does the phrase standard of care mean?

In medical malpractice cases, a victim must prove that his or her doctor violated what people call the standard of care before he or she can expect to get compensation for his or her injuries. Many Camden County, New Jersey, residents may wonder what exactly the standard of care entails, especially if they themselves feel that their doctors have injured them through their mistakes.

How common is wrong-site surgery?

Many Camden, New Jersey residents and others who live in the Philly suburbs have probably heard horror stories of surgeons operating on the wrong part of a patient's body. In these situations, the patient still is not better and now likely has another completely unnecessary medical problem, which can in extreme cases include even the loss of a healthy limb.

Warning signs of nursing home neglect

A family who has a loved one in a nursing home may not realize that their loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. After all, the family most likely vetted the home to make sure it would be right for their loved one, and the nursing home and its employees would rarely, if ever, be open about shortcomings in the medical care they are providing.

Representing victims of nursing home neglect

In a previous post here we discussed what a serious impact nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect can have on a patient in Camden County, New Jersey, as well as that person's family. In addition to the emotional toll these sorts of cases inflict, there can be serious financial costs in terms of medical bills and other expenses, even if the patient is older and is no longer working.

Victims of nursing home negligence can have significant losses

Every year many New Jersey families make the difficult choice to place beloved relatives into nursing and long-term care homes. There are a host reasons that addressing this tough topic is hard on families, from the guilt they may feel over not being able to care for someone they love to the fear that their loved one will not receive the care they need in a residential medical site. Some families may have heard horror stories of nursing home neglect and abuse occurring in the types of facilities they have considered for their loved ones.

The difference between negligent misdiagnosis and a mistake

As advanced as medicine has gotten over recent years, many doctors and patients in the Camden area know that it is still sometimes a matter of guesswork. This is not to say that New Jersey doctors make guesses at random as to what ails a patient, but there is just a lot of uncertainty in the process that can mean a doctor is wrong in a diagnosis.