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How does a product recall work?

Previous blog posts discussed products pulled from the shelves of stores because of a recall. While a product recall might give the impression that a product is unsafe and has caused injuries, such is not always the case. It is important for residents of Camden County, New Jersey, particularly those who have been hurt by unsafe products, to understand how a product recall actually works.

Baby food recalled for fear of bone fragments

New Jersey residents buy consumer goods without fear that they will get a dangerous product. However, far too often defective products make their way to store shelves, thereby putting unsuspecting consumers in harm's way. The use of these dangerous products, which may have inadequate labeling, a defective design, or defective parts, can lead to serious injuries and even death. Those affected by these types of products can face an extensive time period of physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Helping injured consumers initiate a products liability action

Everyday, residents in New Jersey purchase goods of various types for a wide variety of purposes. While these goods and products make like easier and more efficient, some product pose some risks and problems. This is especially true if a product malfunctions or is defective. A defective product easily turns into a dangerous product, causing serious and even fatal injuries to the consumers that use them.

New acting chair for U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

With a new U.S. President in place, many of the residents of New Jersey have been eagerly watching the news to see who will be appointed to leadership positions with some of the country's biggest and most powerful agencies. When it comes to product safety, no agency is more important than the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC.) When legal issues involving products liability come up, the rules and regulations put forth by the CPSC are often highly relevant.

Voluntary standards help prevent defective products

Many locals in New Jersey might assume they would only need a personal injury lawyer if they were to get in an automobile accident. However, residents of Camden County might have dangerous household products sitting in their own homes, which means at some point they may wish to contact a products liability attorney if they are harmed by such a product.

Product recall takes Twinkies off the shelves

A few weeks into the month of January and many New Jersey residents have made New Year's resolutions regarding weight loss. While some may still be hitting the gym or watching what they eat, some others may have decided to simply eat what they enjoy. Unfortunately, for those who recently purchased packages of certain Twinkies from store shelves, the snack might come with a product liability issue.

Company issues product recall over 'luminous' candles

This time of year, many people in New Jersey light up their home with fragrant scented candles. These types of products also tend to make great gifts, and many households find themselves with a surplus of candles after the holiday season passes. Lighted candles always need to be treated safely, though, especially in light of products liability recalls.

How does the FDA find out about dangerous drugs?

Today, countless New Jersey residents rely on various pharmaceutical drugs to improve their quality of life or even to save their lives. Prescription drugs are vitally important to the health of people in New Jersey and elsewhere, but occasionally people hear about products liability lawsuits and dangerous drugs that could affect people in Camden County and neighboring areas.

Overheating fitness tracker gets a product recall

Nowadays, the world of wearable technology is ever-expanding, especially as "fitness trackers" become more popular among people of all ages. In New Jersey and throughout the nation, many people are excited about the prospect of being able to track their every move and easily record their progress toward personal fitness goals. However, as with all consumer products, wearable tech is constantly being improved. Unfortunately, sometimes products liability concerns happen along the way and consumers end up getting hurt.

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