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When a car's safety system fails, we seek compensation

A previous post on this blog talked about the latest development in the ongoing problems with Takata airbags, which have been installed in various different makes and models of cars that many New Jersey residents buy and use. Yet again, the problem with these airbags, which tend to explode on impact, appears to have been more widespread than originally thought.

Toys must meet federal testing, certification requirements

Toys made and sold in New Jersey and the rest of the United States are subject to the rules of the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC. These rules are in place to make sure that toys which ultimately fall in to hands of children are safe for their use.

Let us deal with pushback in a product liability claim

As a previous post on this blog discussed, product manufacturers and their insurance companies have certain defenses available to them if they get sued in products liability case, even though under New Jersey law, they are strictly liable to pay compensation if their products wind up causing injuries, even though they took steps to make the product safe.

Products liability: more on the 'product misuse' defense

As this blog has discussed before, if a Camden resident gets hurt because of a defective product that was marketed to the open public, then he or she can seek to hold the manufacturer and seller of the product strictly liable for his or her injuries, meaning the company will have to pay compensation even if they took reasonable steps to ensure the product was safe.

Seek justice when a child gets hurt by a dangerous product

No Camden, New Jersey, parent wants to see their beloved son or daughter get hurt, particularly when it seems like the accident was preventable. However, as a previous post on this blog discussed, children can and often do get hurt by toys, clothing and other items on the market that are supposedly designed with them in mind.

Safety considerations for Halloween costumes

With the night of trick-or-treating now over, most Camden County, New Jersey, parents are probably glad that their kids had a great time dressing up and getting candy from their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, there will always be handful of children who wind up getting hurt on Halloween, and many times, these injuries are due to dangerous products.

Holding manufacturers of dangerous products strictly accountable

As a previous post on this blog discussed, if a Camden County resident gets hurt by a dangerous or defective product, he or she can sue based on legal principle called strict liability. Basically, it means that the law makes manufacturers of products that turn out to be dangerous financially accountable for all the injuries those products cause, even if the manufacturer exercise the utmost care and caution when doing so.