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Workers' Compensation Archives

More on third-party liability claims in work-related injuries

A previous post on this blog talked briefly about how New Jersey law works when it comes to work-related injuries. Basically, an employee in Camden County, under New Jersey law, trades his or her right to sue his or her employer for negligence in exchange for the employer providing workers' compensation benefits which cover medical bills, lost income, and certain other expenses on a no-fault basis.

The 2 basic types of repetitive motion injuries

A repetitive motion injury can affect almost any part of a Camden, New Jersey worker's body and can strike a person in almost any type of occupation, including those who work in an office environment. For instance, many New Jersey residents have probably heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a type of repetitive motion injury that can affect someone who types all day.

The interplay between workers' compensation and disability

Previous posts here have noted that workers in Camden County, New Jersey, who get hurt on the job are usually able to get financial help for medical bills and lost income through New Jersey's workers' compensation system. However, these benefits sometimes do not cover the full extent of a person's losses and, in some situations, do not even adequately compensate a person for lost income.

The most dangerous jobs in terms of workplace accidents

When residents of Camden County, New Jersey, think of workplace accidents and different types of professions, they may at first picture a construction worker or someone who works in a factory. Indeed, these jobs are dangerous, and the New Jersey residents who work these jobs need to be able to count on workers' compensation benefits when they get hurt at work.

Common types of workers' compensation disputes

Suffering an injury while on the job is often the starting point for much confusion for New Jersey workers. The workers' compensation system can be highly frustrating to navigate on one's own, especially if a dispute arises. What are some of the common types of workers' compensation disputes that can occur between a worker and an employer?

Does workers' comp take the place of a civil lawsuit?

For New Jersey residents who have been hurt on the job, the thought of going through the workers' compensation process is usually an unpleasant one. This is often because the procedures involved tend to be very confusing, especially considering that one is recovering from an unexpected injury and frequently is in physical pain or emotional distress. After getting injured, a person may receive valuable help and legal advice from a workers' compensation attorney.

Assertive advocacy for victims of construction accidents

When one has a family member who works in certain industries, one of the things they are often told before they head out the door is to be "be careful." While workplace injuries and accidents can happen in any profession, certain occupations are more predisposed to danger on the job. One of these industries is the construction industry.

OSHA, bloodborne pathogens and health care workers

Countless New Jersey residents work hard in the health care industry. Their labor allows other people to live safe, healthy lives -- or even to live at all. For health care workers, though, every day can be a new set of challenges. Some of these challenges involve potential exposure to diseases with serious or even deadly results. A workers' compensation attorney can help a victim of occupational disease navigate the legal process of seeking compensation.