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Seek justice when a child gets hurt by a dangerous product

No Camden, New Jersey, parent wants to see their beloved son or daughter get hurt, particularly when it seems like the accident was preventable. However, as a previous post on this blog discussed, children can and often do get hurt by toys, clothing and other items on the market that are supposedly designed with them in mind.

Safety considerations for Halloween costumes

With the night of trick-or-treating now over, most Camden County, New Jersey, parents are probably glad that their kids had a great time dressing up and getting candy from their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, there will always be handful of children who wind up getting hurt on Halloween, and many times, these injuries are due to dangerous products.

Holding manufacturers of dangerous products strictly accountable

As a previous post on this blog discussed, if a Camden County resident gets hurt by a dangerous or defective product, he or she can sue based on legal principle called strict liability. Basically, it means that the law makes manufacturers of products that turn out to be dangerous financially accountable for all the injuries those products cause, even if the manufacturer exercise the utmost care and caution when doing so.

More on the strict liability standard

The law of defective products is complex. A previous post on this blog from several months ago discussed the different liability standards that might apply to a products liability case. Perhaps the most well-known of these standards is what people in the legal world call "strict liability."

Injuries from dangerous and defective products may be compensable

When Camden County residents purchase goods from their local stores or place online orders for items they desire to own, their motivation to have those particular goods and items may stem from several different sources. They may need the products that they buy for their sustainment or to take care of their daily needs. They may choose to buy certain times in order to try them out or to evaluate if they are something that makes the purchasers' lives better. Or they may simply be items that the purchasers like and that they want to own because they would enjoy them.

How does a product recall work?

Previous blog posts discussed products pulled from the shelves of stores because of a recall. While a product recall might give the impression that a product is unsafe and has caused injuries, such is not always the case. It is important for residents of Camden County, New Jersey, particularly those who have been hurt by unsafe products, to understand how a product recall actually works.

Baby food recalled for fear of bone fragments

New Jersey residents buy consumer goods without fear that they will get a dangerous product. However, far too often defective products make their way to store shelves, thereby putting unsuspecting consumers in harm's way. The use of these dangerous products, which may have inadequate labeling, a defective design, or defective parts, can lead to serious injuries and even death. Those affected by these types of products can face an extensive time period of physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Helping injured consumers initiate a products liability action

Everyday, residents in New Jersey purchase goods of various types for a wide variety of purposes. While these goods and products make like easier and more efficient, some product pose some risks and problems. This is especially true if a product malfunctions or is defective. A defective product easily turns into a dangerous product, causing serious and even fatal injuries to the consumers that use them.