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Staying safe in a building

New Jersey residents generally don't walk into a building expecting to get hurt. However, there are a number of dangers that may be present once inside. For instance, it may be possible to slip on a wet floor or run into something because there wasn't enough light to see. Injuries may also be the result of a falling object or because a premises had insufficient or negligent security.

Study finds speeding is behind increase in traffic fatalities

New Jersey motorists might have seen that U.S. traffic fatalities have been rising. Traffic safety experts have offered different reasons for the increase, including smartphones and the fact that people are driving more. However, according to a study by the National Transportation Safety Board, a primary culprit is speeding.

Moments after a car crash, what should you do?

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, there will be a lot of confusion and anger. The people involved in the crash will be understandably anxious, tense, and unsure about what they are supposed to do next. If injuries are involved, that can complicate the matter further. But for the sake of this discussion, let's assume the accident is minor in nature and no serious injuries occurred. In this scenario, what should you do following the crash?