Berlin, New Jersey, Injury Lawyers

Local Advocacy For Local Injuries

At Mammano & Mulvihill, PC, our attorneys have been serving the local South Jersey community for more than five decades. Over the years, our firm has developed a reputation for providing strong, aggressive advocacy to accident and injury victims.

We live and work in the community. We know how the local court systems work, how cases are evaluated and how best to present our clients' cases to judges and juries.

Located in Berlin, the attorneys at Mammano & Mulvihill, PC, have more than 75 years of combined experience protecting the rights of injured accident victims throughout New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Providing Comprehensive Legal Support To Accident Victims

When clients turn to Mammano & Mulvihill, PC, they know they are in good hands. Unlike other firms that specialize in only one legal area, we provide comprehensive legal support to our injured clients. Our firm handles personal injury, workers' compensation and Social Security Disability (SSD) claims in-house. We understand how each of these claims builds off the other and pursue every available avenue to maximize our clients' benefits.

Keeping all of your legal claims with one firm saves time and money, and eliminates the stress caused by dealing with multiple firms.

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation And SSD Claims

Many individuals are injured at the workplace such as from construction site accidents. Workers' compensation may not be the only available means of recovery. In many cases, individuals may bring personal injury claims to recover additional compensation on top of their workers' comp benefits.

Some injuries are so severe as to leave individuals disabled. Our lawyers also practice in Social Security Disability, helping individuals obtain the benefits they need to treat their injuries and make up for lost wages.

Auto accidents can leave people with serious physical injuries. At Mammano & Mulvihill, PC, we handle every aspect of our clients' car and truck accident claims. Together, we will get you the compensation you need to treat your injuries and move forward with your life.

Verbal Threshold And Lawsuit Limitation Cases

At Mammano & Mulvihill, PC, we take the complex, difficult personal injury cases other firms turn down. If you've been told you don't have a case due to a verbal threshold or lawsuit limitation, do not give up. Come to us for a free case evaluation. Over the years, our attorneys have successfully recovered compensation for many clients in personal injury cases involving lawsuit limitations and verbal thresholds.

Other attorneys often refer difficult personal injury cases to our firm.

Premises Liability

If you slipped and fell on faulty stairs or wet floors, were injured due to ice and snow in a parking lot, or otherwise injured due to a negligently maintained property, you have a right to compensation. At Mammano & Mulvihill, PC, we can help.

Contact Mammano & Mulvihill, PC

If an accident left you with a serious injury, mobility may be a struggle. At Mammano & Mulvihill, PC, we believe everyone should have access to exceptional legal service. Our attorneys often make hospital and home visits to meet with clients where it is most convenient for them. We also offer after-hours appointments. To schedule a free consultation, contact our injury attorneys at 856-336-5949 or 866-599-6461.