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Car accident causes wrongful death on New Jersey road

It is a heavy burden to have to suffer from the loss of a loved one, even more so when the death has not occurred naturally, but can be attributed to negligence or wrongdoing by another person. It can be a homicide, or an accidental death, or a death brought by usage of deadly products. In each of these cases, it is the hardest for the surviving family members of the victim to come to terms with the sudden death and it is only fair that they should have a legal recourse against the person responsible for causing them such hardship. That is what a wrongful death claim is all about.

An example of such a death has recently been witnessed in New Jersey, where a pedestrian died in the early hours of the morning after having been hit by a car. The driver has not yet been identified by the authorities concerned and the accident is still under investigation. The accident had also resulted in the concerned route's being blocked for quite some time.

While no amount of financial compensation can be deemed enough to atone for the death of a person, still such compensation may be able to make up to a certain extent for expenditure incurred by the family of the deceased, including medical expenses, funereal costs and loss of companionship.

Once the perpetrator has been identified and apprehended, the family members of the victim may bring a wrongful death against the person. If the matter reaches a court of law, they may be better off seeking the help of an experienced legal counsel to ensure that justice is served.

Source:, "Pedestrian hit, killed by car on Route 1 identified as Edison woman," Anthony G. Attrino, Mar. 10, 2014.

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