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Car accident in New Jersey kills and injures pedestrians

Every prudent resident driving along the streets of New Jersey ought to be aware of his or her surroundings and maintain careful control over the vehicle at all time. Car accidents, be they head-on collisions or hit-and-run accidents, can lead to one or more of the parties involved suffering from serious injuries. Not only can such accidents cause catastrophic injuries that can claim the life of the injured, he or she may experience considerable pain and suffering and at the very least, has to bear considerable medical expenditures.

Take for instance the recent car accident that occurred in the streets of New Jersey, where the driver lost control of her car, left the roadway and struck two pedestrians passing by on the sidewalk. One of the pedestrians was killed, while the other is still struggling to survive with critical injuries. The car finally ended up hitting a tree and coming to a stop. The driver was fortunate to have incurred only minor injuries.

The accident is still under investigation at present. However, if it is found that the driver's negligence had been responsible for the accident, the victims and their family members may have a valid claim for compensation and damages against her and if the matter reaches a court of law.

Given the potential losses that can be caused by such accidents, it seems only fair that if the liability for the accident is ascribed to one of the parties. He or she ought to pay just and adequate compensation to the victims of the accident or their dependents.

In these cases, it is appropriate for those affected to fully understand their situation. This will help them determine which course of action they should take. This will protect their rights and preserve their best interests.

Source:, "Car runs up on sidewalk in Galloway Township killing 1," Mar 19, 2014.

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