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Hospital noise could impact New Jersey patients

This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week, which is a global movement to raise awareness to the importance of patient safety issues and efforts to improve safety. Patient safety can be impacted by several different factors. However, most people would be surprised to hear that hospital noise can actually impact a patient's health. 

A new study found that hospital noise can negatively affect a patient's health. The study found that noisy hospitals can impact a patient's ability to sleep as well as their blood pressure. Noisy hospital environments can also affect staff members working in the hospital and create more stress for workers, which can also negatively impact patients. 

Hospital shift changes usually result in a lot of noise, but staff meetings and conversations also contribute to noisier environments in hospitals. When you add these factors to equipment noise and ventilation systems, it can really make a hospital much louder than you would expect it to be. 

Hospital noise could lead to distracted or neglectful nurses and hospital staff members if they grow too accustomed to noisier environments. This is a serious issue for patients, and they could file a medical malpractice lawsuit ifthey were harmed or suffer complications due to neglect by a staff member. 

It is important to note that not all noise in hospitals can be prevented. However, hospitals can take steps to reduce noise to keep patients safe. Researchers are looking at ways to reduce hospital noise to create a better environment for both patients and employees. 

The finding that hospital noise can negatively impact a patient's health is very troubling as many hospitals in New Jersey may not even be aware of the impact louder environments can have on a patient's health and safety. That is why it is important for hospitals to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep patients safe during their hospital stay.

Source: Fierce Healthcare, "Noisy hospitals pose patient safety risks," Zack Budryk, Feb. 26, 2014

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