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April 2014 Archives

New Jersey man sues energy drink maker for product liability

Any time a manufacturer produces and distributes a product that turns out to be defective or dangerous, potentially causing harm to consumers, anyone who is harmed is usually within their rights to file suit against the manufacturer. Such products liability lawsuits are somewhat different from suits relating to other injury laws because the companies or individuals responsible for selling a product are presumed to have a duty to protect consumers from harm caused by their products.

Explosive highway crash takes life of NJ big rig driver

Whenever a speeding car causes a collision that unexpectedly takes one or more lives, dependents and immediate family members of the deceased also undergo considerable pain and suffering. Families typically have to deal with financial difficulties and emotional trauma due to the unexpected loss of a loved one in this situation. Even if victims do survive a collision, they may bear heavy medical expenses and even temporary or permanent disability, depending upon the severity of their injuries.

Two men indicted in fatal New Jersey road rage incident

The loss of a loved in a fatal car accident on a New Jersey road can cause great distress to surviving family members, especially if the accidental death was due to the negligent actions of another party. When the death was allegedly caused by the road rage of two drivers, the distress may be even more acute.

New Jersey stone quarry worker injured on the job

For a worker toiling daily in a hazardous environment, the threat of workplace accidents always looms large. On occasion, such injuries may even claim the life of the worker. At other times, they may result in temporary or permanent disability, burdensome medical expenses, and lost income due to time lost from work.