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May 2014 Archives

Accident caused by drunk driver kills one in New Jersey

The loss of a loved one in an accident can be a devastating experience. The victim's family may receive monetary compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit, but sometimes it is almost next to impossible to fill the void left by the deceased loved one.

Two adults, three juveniles injured in a New Jersey car accident

Someone else's mistake can sometimes have a huge impact on another life. Unfortunately, many people become a part of such an incident in a sudden and bizarre twist of fate. A suburban city in New Jersey recently witnessed such negligence on the part of a driver that led to a car accident.

60-year-old construction worker suffers injuries in New Jersey

Workplace accidents are often reported in newspapers and magazines. Many cases of accidents are reported at construction sites in New Jersey. If someone sustains injury in a workplace area, he or she is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Workplace injuries are quite common in construction areas. And often, these accidents lead to serious injury or death performing this risky business.

Victim holding New Jersey cop at fault for accident injuries

New Jersey is a highly populated state with many country roads, state highways and city streets, like those in Camden, New Jersey, which are choked with traffic. Distracted driving on a New Jersey road can be menacing. Police departments have conducted safety awareness campaigns without much impact, as distracted driving continues to plague New Jersey roads.

Injured utility worker recovers from work accident

Many workers in New Jersey have no choice but to conduct their duties in an environment that has safety hazards, increasing their chances of a workplace injury or exposure to occupational diseases. Workers are sometimes forced by circumstance to accept the high risks of a workplace accident, knowing full well that there is always the chance of serious injuries or death. These harms can cause workers and their families to incur steep medical expenses and lost wages.