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60-year-old construction worker suffers injuries in New Jersey

Workplace accidents are often reported in newspapers and magazines. Many cases of accidents are reported at construction sites in New Jersey. If someone sustains injury in a workplace area, he or she is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Workplace injuries are quite common in construction areas. And often, these accidents lead to serious injury or death performing this risky business.

In a recent case in New Jersey, a 60-year-old construction worker was seriously injured when a pickup truck backed over him at a work site. He was hospitalized with serious head injuries. According to officials, no charges have been filed until now. The case is still under investigation. The 60-year-old man was one among the crew working in a milepost. The truck, driven by a 33-year old man, was owned by a Barnegat-based construction firm.

The employers should always ensure that they provide a safe environment to their workers. Employers sometimes deny responsibility to pay compensation when there is an accident or injury. They simply deny their fault and term it as an unfortunate accident. Therefore, it is very important in such cases to be aware of one's rights.

An attorney may help one to understand their rights to claim workers compensation. An attorney can educate them on the workers' compensation process. The process of a claim can vary from situation to situation. Attorneys will investigate the circumstances following the injury and determine whether the third party is at fault. They will help one to fight for the claim that they deserve from the insurance company.

Source: New Jersey Herald "Authorities ID worker injured at parkway site," May 3, 2014

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