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Accident caused by drunk driver kills one in New Jersey

The loss of a loved one in an accident can be a devastating experience. The victim's family may receive monetary compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit, but sometimes it is almost next to impossible to fill the void left by the deceased loved one.

In a recent accident in New Jersey, one man was killed after the negligence of a drunk driver led to an accident involving three cars. According to reports, the drunk driver's car went out of control and hit the center median of the road. The car then spun across three lanes of the highway and smashed into a guardrail. It finally came to rest on the center and right lanes of the highway. A 49-year-old man traveling on the highway hit the drunk driver's car. Unfortunately, when he stepped out of his vehicle, he was hit by a third car driven by police officer travelling for other business.

The man, who died on the spot, was travelling with his wife and son, who suffered only minor injuries. They were taken to a hospital for treatment. The man from the third vehicle has not been charged. The negligent driver was charged for driving under the influence of alcohol and other offenses. Sadly, any monetary compensation the family of the victim receives may not do enough to address the pain they are feeling.

Accidents can mean huge medical bills and possibly the loss of financial savings. Proving negligence in case of car accidents can be difficult, but reviewing the legal options as soon as possible after an accident is usually a good idea.

Source: Observer Tribune "Mendham man charged with drunk driving in fatal accident," May 23, 2014

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