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June 2014 Archives

Truck driver accused of causing fatal accident in New Jersey

A moment of negligence can change the whole course of a person's life. If another's negligence caused the death of a loved one, you would be happy to know that you have the legal right to claim compensation for wrongful death. New Jersey has been the recent scene of a fatal accident that also involved gravely injuring a celebrity.

Three people seriously injured in New Jersey car accident

New Jersey drivers should be careful driving the highways and byways of New Jersey and in public parking lots too. Motorists are responsible for the life and safety of those in their cars and on the roads. A careless driver will face multiple charges and penalties, if proven guilty. A driver should be always vigilant and careful while driving. In a recent car accident, a motorist maneuvering through a New Jersey amusement park parking lot was involved in a car accident and charged with careless driving by police because the crash led to serious injury of three people in his car.

Stabilization of workers' compensation medical payments reported

Some occupations in New Jersey can be quite dangerous. But even jobs that are not usually considered hazardous can result in serious injuries and even deaths of workers. Workplace injuries and deaths can have significant financial consequences for the victims and their families. New Jersey employers are therefore required by law to compensate for these losses by providing workers' compensation benefits.