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New Jersey workplace death takes firefighter

Workplace injuries occur in ever industry and in every state in the United States. If someone suffers a workplace injury or fatality, the worker or the family is entitled to workers compensation.

Recently, tragedy struck the city of Union Beach, New Jersey, shortly after six in the evening on Sunday. A 54-year-old volunteer firefighter from Union Hose Fire Company No. 1 collapsed outside the burning building from cardiac arrest. He was immediately taken to a hospital, along with four other fighters, but died the following day.

The entire community of Union Beach is still mourning the loss of the man. An investigation is being carried out as the cause of the fire is still unknown. It may take some time to determine what actually happened.

It is very important that all workplaces, especially those with potential risks to the employees, are safe and that precautionary practices are always followed. Employers should always take measures to ensure workplace safety for their employees in every way possible. If a company is negligent, the family of the workplace accident victim may wish to consider consulting a legal professional to take legal action against the employers.

After the investigation findings are revealed, the family of the victim will be able to claim for worker's compensation from the company. If someone suffers an injury at work and it is determined that the company is found to be negligent, the medical professional may be able to help the victim to collect compensation. The compensation can cover accident-related expenses, including medical bills for therapy, treatment and other necessary medical necessities.

Source: PIX 11, "Heart attack killed New Jersey firefighter who died battling blaze," June 9, 2014

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