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Three people seriously injured in New Jersey car accident

New Jersey drivers should be careful driving the highways and byways of New Jersey and in public parking lots too. Motorists are responsible for the life and safety of those in their cars and on the roads. A careless driver will face multiple charges and penalties, if proven guilty. A driver should be always vigilant and careful while driving. In a recent car accident, a motorist maneuvering through a New Jersey amusement park parking lot was involved in a car accident and charged with careless driving by police because the crash led to serious injury of three people in his car.

Recently, the accused driver's car was struck on the driver side door when it eased out to the road between two rows of parked cars and was hit by a pickup truck. The car driver received a summons, and two passengers in his car suffered serious head injury, while a third person suffered injury to the hip and leg area.

Not sticking to regulated lanes in a parking lot might be expedient, seem like the fastest exit and also viewed as a minor infraction of road rules. Nonetheless, this kind of risky driving can lead to serious consequences. A driver is accountable for the safety of his vehicle's passengers by making prudent decisions about how to operate a vehicle.

Large medical expenses and lost time at work, after being involved in an accident, may leave a victim unable to financially handle an accident's aftermath. Insurance companies can manipulate payments and reduce payments to control their financial outlay. An experience Camden County accident attorney can come to your rescue. Attorneys are well aware of all the tricks that insurance companies use and can fight for your rights to protect your financial interest and pursuing for compensation from the responsible party.

Source:, "2-car collision in Great Adventure parking lot injures 3," June 2, 2014

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