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Car claims life of New Jersey man then driver leaves the scene

Wrongful death is defined by any act of negligence which causes the death of a victim. The family members of such victims are entitled to claim compensation for wrongful death which has a lower standard of proof as compared to criminal proceedings for the same set of evidence. Recently, a 28-year-old New Jersey man met with an accident that proved to be fatal. The accident investigation for the fatal motor vehicle accident is still underway but the driver responsible for the injury left the scene of the crime, making this a case of hit and run.

Proving wrongful death may not be an easy task even if the standard of proof is less than the criminal procedure because the death of the victim must be caused by negligence of the accused. Family members who have initiated the wrongful death lawsuit must prove that they have suffered injury due to death. A personal representative, often a professional, must be appointed for the estate of the victim.

Medical malpractice, criminal behavior and so on, can each constitute a wrongful death lawsuit. The Camden County courts allow various damages in cases of wrongful death. Most commonly, a pecuniary loss or injury is determined in terms of liquidated damages. Many times, if the victim is the sole breadwinner of the family, the court may award heavy pecuniary damages to the relatives of the victim.

Death of a victim who leaves behind minor children may also call forth heavy pecuniary damages. In most cases of wrongful death, a jury determines the extent of compensation awarded in the end. In many cases, malice may be proved for which punitive damages may also be awarded to the victim's relatives, as well.

Source:, "Man killed in hit and run accident," July 7, 2014

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