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Explosion at New Jersey pharmaceutical plant injures worker

Workers' compensation is a state-mandated initiative, which consists of payments made in accordance with the law to employees who have been injured or disabled while at work. Workers' compensation is not a federally funded program but rather is run by the individual states. Even so, each state does have workers' compensation laws, which are designed to protect the workers in that particular state.

An explosion occurred in a New Jersey pharmaceutical company recently. Officials stated that the explosion occurred when employees were in the process of mixing hydrochloric acid with a second material. One person was reportedly hurt. However, the extent of the injuries has not been disclosed by officials yet. The employees were evacuated in order to safeguard the employees from any further danger.

Workers' compensation is usually paid to the worker irrespective of who was at fault for the injury suffered as long as the injury occurred at work. Workers' compensation includes financial recovery for medical care, income replacement, permanent disability compensation and compensation and benefits given to dependent survivors of any worker who was fatally injured at work. In many cases, accepting workers' compensation protects the business from being sued, either by the injured worker or the employee's family members in the event that the worker has died.

While workers' compensation can provide a safety net in times of need, it can also be a complex and difficult process. Seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney may be able to set forth a more solid legal plan of action, securing the compensation that may be entitled.

Source:, "1 Hurt in Acid Explosion at South Jersey Pharmaceutical Maker", Vince Lattanzio, July 12, 2014

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