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August 2014 Archives

Finding the right New Jersey lawyer for car accident claims

Car accidents cause numerous fatalities and injuries every year. New Jersey residents suffer from a major amount of car accident-related injuries every year. Injuries, which stem from driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence and so on. Marmero & Mammano, PC is a personal injury law firm located in Southern New Jersey with a significant success rate as auto accident lawyers.

Senior citizens, children and wrongful death lawsuits

If any injury results in death due to the negligence of another, the latter may be held liable for wrongful death. Wrongful death is an integral principle under tort laws. The courts in most states in the United States, including New Jersey, evaluate the level of compensation due to the family members of the victim based on various criteria. Some of these determinants may be age, earning capacity, whether the victim was the sole earning member of the family, and so on.

New Jersey firemen may be entitled to worker's compensation

When any worker suffers an injury or illness in relation to their job or on the premises of the workplace, that worker may be entitled to worker's compensation benefits, also known as workman's compensation. Worker's compensation is a state mandated insurance given to the workers in most states in the nation, including in New Jersey.

Hip replacement failure sparks products liability lawsuits

When a consumer in New Jersey or elsewhere in the United States suffers an injury after using products made by a manufacturer or seller, the latter may be held liable for damages. Product liability law makes the manufacturer or seller of the product responsible for the products produced by the company.