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New Jersey firemen may be entitled to worker's compensation

When any worker suffers an injury or illness in relation to their job or on the premises of the workplace, that worker may be entitled to worker's compensation benefits, also known as workman's compensation. Worker's compensation is a state mandated insurance given to the workers in most states in the nation, including in New Jersey.

Recently, a New Jersey tavern was set ablaze. While trying to put out the fire, firefighters were reportedly injured at the scene. There was a lot of damage to the building itself. The fire department was informed about the visible fire in the first as well as the second floors of the tavern. During the rescue operation, one of the firefighters had to be put into the recovery area. Another firefighter was also in need of immediate treatment. That type of situation can be extremely dangerous and workplace injuries are not uncommon.

Worker's compensation is not merely dependent on whether the injury occurred in the workplace. An employee is entitled to worker's compensation as long as the employee can prove that the injury occurred during the course of employment. Though most workers are entitled to worker's compensation, it may not be automatically activated.

Workers compensation is put through a three pronged test by the legal system. First, the worker must have suffered some injury. Second, the injury suffered by the worker must be on the premises of the workplace. Lastly, the injury must have occurred during the execution of some job that had been previously authorized by the employer.

Source:, "Firefighters hurt in blaze at Hunter's Tavern in Franklin Township, Warren County; Route 57 shut", Tony Rhodin, July 28, 2014

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