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October 2014 Archives

What types of auto insurance coverage exist in New Jersey?

In the event of an auto accident, the insurance coverage of the other driver plays a vital role in compensating a victim for treatment of injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering. Understanding the auto insurance regulations in New Jersey is necessary for all drivers, however, the information in this post should not be considered specific legal advice.

New Jersey teenager killed in crash with tractor trailer

Nothing can be more painful than the loss of a loved one. Hearts are broken and sometimes the specter of financial doom may confront surviving family members, particularly if the fatality involves the death of the family's major source of financial support.

What should you know about medical malpractice in New Jersey?

New Jersey medical malpractice is a situation when a person is injured or hurt due to the negligence of a medical practitioner. Also known as medical negligence, the concept is derived from tort law. As an individual, you may want to seek more information about your doctor.

Getting the right help on workers' compensation claims

When someone suffers a work-related injury, that worker is entitled to workers' compensation. According to New Jersey law, any injury that occurs in the workplace during work hours is considered a work-related injury. Workers' compensation is state-approved insurance given to workers in all states, including in New Jersey.