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What should you know about medical malpractice in New Jersey?

New Jersey medical malpractice is a situation when a person is injured or hurt due to the negligence of a medical practitioner. Also known as medical negligence, the concept is derived from tort law. As an individual, you may want to seek more information about your doctor.

You can get the information from the New Jersey state website"> . You will get information about the doctor's education, board certification, the insurance that is accepted by the doctor and other relevant information. If the doctor faced any penalty because of medical malpractice in the last 10 years, then that information could be traced at New Jersey Healthcare Profile at as well. You can also get additional information by calling (609) 826-7100.

If you feel that your doctor has committed any medical negligence or error, you can make the complaint electronically, or you could take a printout of the form, and send it to the medical examiners board. Although it is not possible for the board to commit how long an investigation will take, they assure you that each investigation is done thoroughly. Some cases can be completed quickly, while others are more complex and may take a longer time to complete. The board tries to be as thorough as possible during the investigation process.

During the investigation, the doctor will be asked about the medical negligence in the course of the investigation. If you do not wish that the doctor should know about this, then please mention it specifically in the complaint.

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