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December 2014 Archives

What benefits are available for injured workers in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, workers' compensation benefits are available to an employee or his or her family if the employee has suffered an injury during the course of his or her regular duties. If a death is directly related to the person's employment, compensation is also available to the dependants of a deceased employee.

Leading pharmaceutical companies face products liability lawsuits

Products liability is an area of law that is attracting much attention in recent times around New Jersey and the rest of the country. In a recent development in the field of products liability, two leading pharmaceutical companies are struggling with blame for the side effects of a well-known anticoagulant medication, which has allegedly caused 65 deaths.

Ways to obtain compensation for wrongful death in New Jersey

Thousands of people in New Jersey are victimized by criminal acts every year. These acts can sometimes culminate in the loss of limb or life and can cause serious emotional trauma to the victim's family. The fallout of these crimes may not be just the pain and suffering of the victim and his or her family, but it also may leave them with extreme medical costs, physical disabilities, loss of employment, damage to property and a poor quality of life.

New Jersey workers are entitled to compensation when injured

New Jersey workplace accidents happen with alarming frequency. A workplace accident may leave a person with grave injuries to the head, spinal cord and other vital organs and vulnerable parts of the body and ultimately cause the injured worker to suffer from a temporary or a permanent disability. A worker may suffer an amputation, a toxic chemical exposure, a heart attack or worse if employers do not maintain workplace safety standards. In such scenarios, a victim may seek workers' compensation and also bring a personal injury lawsuit against his or her employer.