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Leading pharmaceutical companies face products liability lawsuits

Products liability is an area of law that is attracting much attention in recent times around New Jersey and the rest of the country. In a recent development in the field of products liability, two leading pharmaceutical companies are struggling with blame for the side effects of a well-known anticoagulant medication, which has allegedly caused 65 deaths.

The deaths have reportedly occurred due to excessive bleeding after individuals used the controversial pharmaceutical product that the two companies own the rights to in the United States. This has put the businesses in a position in which the products liability rests directly on them.

According to reports, the medication in question does not have any antidote. It has been argued in the lawsuits that have been filed against the companies that the risks of bleeding after using the medication have not been adequately emphasized.

The court documents state that the side effects and risks related to the medicine have been downplayed by the drug manufacturers, thereby misleading patients. Plaintiffs have requested several cases be consolidated before a single judge for the exchange of information before trial, which could save both money and time.

The spokesman for one of the accused companies has said in a statement that the company stands behind its product and intends to defend itself in court. The spokeswoman for the other accused company has stated that the risk and benefit scenario of the medication has not deviated from clinical trials, which were conducted before marketing it, and whose results continue to remain favorable.

It also has been stressed by the companies that all anticoagulant drugs have the inherent bleeding risk. In the case of this specific drug, the companies have stated that risk was not downplayed and that consumers were adequately warned.

Source: Bloomberg News, "Bayer, J&J fight calls to unify suits," Jef Feeley, Dec. 7, 2014

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