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New Jersey workers are entitled to compensation when injured

New Jersey workplace accidents happen with alarming frequency. A workplace accident may leave a person with grave injuries to the head, spinal cord and other vital organs and vulnerable parts of the body and ultimately cause the injured worker to suffer from a temporary or a permanent disability. A worker may suffer an amputation, a toxic chemical exposure, a heart attack or worse if employers do not maintain workplace safety standards. In such scenarios, a victim may seek workers' compensation and also bring a personal injury lawsuit against his or her employer.

Our firm has helped many injured New Jersey employees ask for compensation from an employer on a number of grounds. Compensation can be sought for falls and slips during the course of employment that result in an injury. A worker also may seek compensation for injuries sustained during deliveries, accidents while operating work vehicles, fractures and other crush injuries. Other reasons include slips from scaffolding, injury sustained while lifting, injury suffered while operating factory machinery and injury from repetitive motions that are required to do a job.

Successful legal actions handled by our staff of experienced compensation lawyers include loss of hearing due to use of loud machinery in a factory workplace, injuries sustained due to the fault of other workers, including vehicular accidents, violation of OSHA standards, construction site accidents and faulty equipment, among others.

A worker also may bring a personal injury lawsuit against an employer under some circumstances. This may be the case with regard to injuries caused by not maintaining a safe factory environment, not repairing sidewalks, not taking adequate measures to remove snow and ice for walkways and parking lots, not repairing potholes and not maintaining parking lots.

If a New Jersey or Pennsylvania worker suffers injury on the job, he or she is entitled to worker's compensation and may also be entitled to additional compensation obtained through filing a personal injury claim. A victim of workplace injuries may consult our site to gain insight or find an experienced attorney who can assist him or her in establishing a claim for compensation.

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