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What benefits are available for injured workers in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, workers' compensation benefits are available to an employee or his or her family if the employee has suffered an injury during the course of his or her regular duties. If a death is directly related to the person's employment, compensation is also available to the dependants of a deceased employee.

Eligibility for workers' compensation is decided on the basis of whether the injury or death arose out of the employment and occurred while the individual was fulfilling his or her duties as an employee. Workers' compensation benefits are paid by an employer or its insurer to meet the necessary costs of medical expenses, loss of income, permanent or temporary disability benefits and death benefits. Medical benefits cover costs of treatment, hospital charges, prescription costs and other costs related to the injury suffered during the course of employment.

An employee is entitled to benefits for temporary disability if he or she is disabled for more than a week as a result of the injury. This benefit is paid for the period of time during which an employee cannot fulfill his or her regular duties due to a medical condition and is under active medical treatment and rest. An employee is entitled to receive benefits for permanent disability if an injury or illness arising out of the employment results in some kind of disability that is permanent in nature.

If an employee dies during the course of the employment because of an illness or injury sustained during the employment, the family or dependants of the employee are eligible to receive death benefits. Dependants may include children, spouse, dependent parents and any other dependent relative.

Source: State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, "WC Benefits," accessed Dec.19, 2014

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