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January 2015 Archives

Worker suffers serious injuries in Parkway crane accident

Residents of Camden County, New Jersey, know that any workplace injury can impact a worker both emotionally and financially. Serious on-the-job injuries or workplace accidents can also lead to temporary or permanent disability, or even death, causing further financial troubles.

How are wrongful death damages distributed in New Jersey?

Our New Jersey readers know that accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere, and any person can become the victim of another person's negligence. It could be a fatal motor vehicle accident, a fatal fall, an accidental death or a workplace death. The loss of a loved one can impact a family emotionally and financially. And the situation is even worse for a family if the loved one was the main financial contributor. A victim's family usually has a legal right to seek compensation for a wrongful death from the perceived negligent party or parties.

We help New Jersey residents file products liability claims

Many New Jersey residents suffer injury each year due to the faulty manufacturing of products. Consumers use medicines or consumables that can injure them due to a lack of vigilance during manufacturing. Under N.J. law, any consumer who paid for a product that later caused an injury may initiate a products liability lawsuit to recover any damage or injury caused.

Hospital accused of medical negligence faces accreditation heat

Cases of medical negligence continue to be a threat to patients' lives and health in New Jersey. In a recent review, a leading military hospital was found to have multiple hazardous lapses in infection prevention. Following a complaint by a technologist, an inspection was conducted in the hospital that revealed the gaping slips.