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Hospital accused of medical negligence faces accreditation heat

Cases of medical negligence continue to be a threat to patients' lives and health in New Jersey. In a recent review, a leading military hospital was found to have multiple hazardous lapses in infection prevention. Following a complaint by a technologist, an inspection was conducted in the hospital that revealed the gaping slips.

The technologist, who is a specialist in infection control, has claimed that she was excluded from inspection-related meetings by her supervisors. She has said that her supervisors informed her that her opinions were neither required nor warranted. The inspection was conducted by an independent hospital accrediting agency, which ultimately proved that the hospital authorities were not doing what was required to ensure the safety, health and medical care of patients.

The inspection results have revealed that there were multiple flaws related to prevention of infection and medical care present in the hospital, which were not addressed by hospital authorities for quite some time. This finding has resulted in the clouding of the accreditation of the military hospital, which serves over three million service members in active duty, retirees and the families of service members.

Other reports revealed that such cases of medical malpractice are rampant in most military hospitals. Employees of several hospitals have claimed that reporting such malpractices or other flaws on the part of hospital authorities almost always resulted in the complainant being passed over for promotion or being laid off.

Employees claim that if hospital authorities' actions are questioned, it can lead to problems down the road. At some point in the future, it may cost the individual his or her career and progress. Therefore, out of pure apprehension and fear, most employees choose to delimit themselves.

Source: The New York Times,"Military Hospital Care Is Questioned; Next, Reprisals," Sharon LaFraniere,Dec.20, 2014

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