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We help New Jersey residents file products liability claims

Many New Jersey residents suffer injury each year due to the faulty manufacturing of products. Consumers use medicines or consumables that can injure them due to a lack of vigilance during manufacturing. Under N.J. law, any consumer who paid for a product that later caused an injury may initiate a products liability lawsuit to recover any damage or injury caused.

For more than half a century, the attorneys at Marmero & Mammano, P.C., have defended the rights of consumers who have fallen victim to defective products. Many times, victims, as well as their families and relatives, may have trouble standing up to corporate conglomerates in such claims and lawsuits. Having the might of experienced lawyers can be the key to achieving success in these cases.

Products liability is based on the negligence principles of tort law and each case needs to pass a three- pronged test in order to make the manufacturer or retailer liable for injuries suffered. First, it must be proven that the injured party is a consumer and bought the product manufactured by the defendant. Next, the consumer must have suffered an injury after using the product. Finally, the injury sustained must have been caused by a defect in the product itself.

When assigning responsibility for the injury to the defendant, lawyers must prove that the injury caused was foreseeable by the manufacturer and that a reasonable person should have been able to predict that the defect could cause the injury suffered by the victim. In many cases, companies hire firms designed to shift the perception of responsibility and blame to the consumer or some other party. The experienced attorneys at Marmero & Mammano have access to their own experts so they can stop the shift of blame and prove the case for the victim.

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