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Are manufacturers informing consumers about dangerous toys?

It goes without saying that all children in Camden County, New Jersey, and the rest of the country are fond of toys. However, when toys result in an injury, parents and children may want to seek remedial action. In fact, a previous post on this blog discusses how federal laws govern the standards from which manufacturers must comply if they produce children's toys. At the same time, it is the manufacturer's duty to inform the general public of recalls.

A recently published report may interest many parents. According to sources, a consumer watchdog organization, Kids in Danger, has found that children's products manufacturers are not reporting all instances of recalled products in their respective social media platforms such as Facebook. According to Kids in Danger, only a quarter of manufacturers whose products were found to be defective and subsequently recalled admitted it on Facebook.

It is worth noting that a low percentage of recalls are actually successful. While a good recall is considered to be a 20 percent return of defective products, in some cases a recall only sees 5 percent of the products being returned to the manufacturers. This is a matter of major concern, and has been the focus of criticism from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Dangerous products, especially defective consumer products targeted at children, can sometimes result in serious injuries or even death. Considering such risks, it may be wise decision for parents to look into the possibility of pursuing a products liability claim if their child was injured by a defective children's product.

Source: ABC News, "Manufacturers Fail to Use Social Media for Recall Safety, Report Says," Stephanie Zimmerman, Cindy Galli and Lissette Rodriguez, Feb. 10, 2015

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