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Family of New Jersey girl who was declared dead files lawsuit

Medical malpractice can be cataclysmic for the patient as well as family members. Every year New Jersey sees a plethora of medical malpractice lawsuits where the devastated family members initiate lawsuits in order to seek justice. However, every medical error may not be thought of as medical malpractice.

An adolescent New Jersey girl recently underwent surgery in a California hospital. However, instead of curing her condition, the surgery led to further complications and brain injury, according to the girl's family. The girl had gone into the hospital in order to seek a cure for her sleep apnea. To add insult to injury, the family members were even asked to take the adolescent girl off life support after she was declared brain dead. The family also claimed that the hospital had tried to pressure them into donating her organs against their consent.

A medical malpractice lawsuit was initiated by the victim's family. The family alleges that not only did the hospital prescribe a rather complicated surgery for their daughter's sleep apnea, but that they also were not diligent in performing their duty. They further allege negligence during the surgery. The family also claims that the post-operative care was also not properly administered to the New Jersey girl.

The family of the medical malpractice victim is seeking un-liquidated damages in lieu of compensation for the physical trauma, medical expenses as well as emotional duress that they have endured. They claim that they were not given proper information regarding the patient's condition even during their daughter's operation. The family's lawyers have brought forth evidence regarding how surgery is usually not prescribed to young patients for sleep apnea. The court is slated to deliberate on the matter soon.

Source:, "Family of NJ girl declared dead files malpractice suit claiming hospital pressured them for organs", March 7, 2015

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