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Workers' compensation and New Jersey employers-Part I

New Jersey law dictates that any worker who is injured on the job is entitled to workers' compensation. Workers' compensation is a form of insurance that is awarded to an injured worker.

Many New Jersey residents have been partially or totally injured during the course of their employment. And in some cases work related injuries have even claimed the lives of employees. For that reason state authorities mandate that the workplace be as safe as possible in order to avoid such work related injuries.

New Jersey law even requires that every employer not only enroll in a workers' compensation insurance program but also notify the employees about this. A notice must be posted in the workplace is an easily visible location stating that the employer has obtained workers' compensation in lieu of a self insured employer. The employer must register this information with the state insurance and banking departments.

Many employers find it beneficial to seek professional legal help in order to understand the mandatory workman's compensation requirements prescribed by the state. Compliance with these statutory requirements of workers' compensation is imperative for the employer.

Once the employer has obtained the proper amount of worker's compensation insurance, the employer must make sure that their program is up to date. Employees need to be notified regularly regarding the benefits and insurance coverage that they are entitled to in case of a work related injury. Details regarding the reporting authority as well as medical aid related information must be provided for the employees.

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