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Workers' compensation and New Jersey employers-Part II

Workers in Camden County, New Jersey, who have suffered job-related injuries may claim compensation from their employers for damages suffered. The New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act provides for payment of all medical expenses and lost wages, and provides permanent disability compensation for workers who qualify.

Distribution is done without establishing fault for the injury. Compensation is provided to victims even if the worker caused the accident. Benefits are awarded to the families of deceased workers on this basis, as well. Some details about workers compensation are also available from an earlier blog post.

This act also ensures that compensation is paid on time by employers and insurers. Under this act, it is also compulsory for employers to have insurance coverage for all employees. Workers' compensation benefits include medical benefits with all medical expenses paid by the employer or insurance company. If the period of injury disability is more than seven days, a worker may be entitled to a temporary total weekly benefit which is 70 percent of the worker's weekly wage.

In case of a permanent physical impairment, weekly benefits are provided to an injured worker for 450 weeks. After that period, the worker has to substantiate the claim with evidence of continued disability and inability to perform active employment. Death benefits administered may go as high as $3,500 for funeral expenses and thereafter weekly payments of 70 percent of the worker's full weekly wage.

New Jersey law makes it compulsory for employers to insure workers, either through a workers' compensation insurance policy or with self-insurance. An employer is only allowed to self-insure if the employer meets the financial requirements set by law. Failure to pay an insurance claim or compensation request may allow initiation of a legal procedure against the employer. Defaulting employers may also have to pay civil penalties, as per legal stipulations.

Source:, "An employer's guide to workers' compensation in New Jersey," Accessed on April 4, 2015

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