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May 2015 Archives

How important is an expert's opinion in malpractice claims?

No matter how intellectually stimulating, interesting or financially beneficial a physician finds serving as an expert witness, the physician should also be wary of the intense cross-examination that the medical professional's testimony will undergo in a medical malpractice case. It is no longer true that expert witnesses receive immunity from civil law based on their testimony. New case laws have redefined the legal responsibility that the litigating parties owe the judicial witnesses.

What is comparative negligence and why is it important?

Insurance companies in New Jersey often investigate car accidents to decide how much each individual involved has contributed to the cause of an accident. The concept of comparative negligence helps determine the degree of fault of each individual involved in the crash.

OSHA violations strengthen a workers' compensation claim

When employers forego on-site safety measures to increase productivity at the cost of their employees' safety, they are in direct violation of safety guidelines laid down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. At Marmero & Mammano PC, we are all too familiar with the stress that an injured employee endures due to workplace accidents. Unpaid sick leave and medical bills only add to the gauntlet of trauma an employee can face, not to mention being unable to recuperate from more serious injuries.

Paralyzing injury leads to recall of almost 1 million bicycles

Every consumer expects that a product purchased from a store or other retailer will do its job or meet its expected task without creating any danger or hazard to the user. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers meet this standard and a small percentage of products go to market with defects in design or manufacturing that can threaten consumers' lives. One recent case of a defective design led to a products liability recall of almost one million defective mountain or trail bikes in Canada and the United States, including New Jersey.