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OSHA violations strengthen a workers' compensation claim

When employers forego on-site safety measures to increase productivity at the cost of their employees' safety, they are in direct violation of safety guidelines laid down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. At Marmero & Mammano PC, we are all too familiar with the stress that an injured employee endures due to workplace accidents. Unpaid sick leave and medical bills only add to the gauntlet of trauma an employee can face, not to mention being unable to recuperate from more serious injuries.

Our top priority at Marmero & Mammano, PC, is to help our clients recover from their injuries, both emotionally and financially. Our experience over the years has given us a thorough understanding as to how the New Jersey workers' compensation process works and enables us to work in the most efficient manner possible. With the assistance of our expert panel of attorneys, we will seek the compensation that you require in order to pay off medical bills, cover lost income and reimburse you for your physical pain and suffering.

If you are currently being paid benefits, it is best not to assume that everything is proceeding normally. Companies may often instill a false sense of security by offering you subpar compensation, while you should really be compensated with a whole lot more. Denied workers' comp claims are our specialty, and we would be glad to assist you with that issue.

When OSHA violations result in irreversible trauma, such as amputations, brain damage or paralysis that renders an employee unable to work, Social Security Disability benefits are usually the next step. Marmero & Mammano, PC, looks at compensation from a wider perspective so that you always have an option to fall back on. We cover everything from personal injury claims to workers' compensation and SSD so that our clients receive the best possible compensation.

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