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Tracy Morgan and Walmart reach settlement over deadly crash

The retail giant, Walmart, recently reached an amicable settlement with the legal representatives of the actor and comedian, Tracy Morgan and two associates who were involved in a deadly car crash with a Walmart truck almost a year ago. The crash killed comedian James McNair and severely injured Morgan and two others.

Walmart had already settled with McNair's family and the terms of and conditions of their recent settlement will remain confidential, according to a Walmart spokesperson. The company's U.S. president and CEO said Walmart cannot do anything to change what has already happened, but it is committed to helping all the victims of the crash and pledged to ensure the well-being of victims during the settlement procedure.

The CEO also said that the company deeply regretted that one of their trucks was involved in the accident, but was pleased that the case was resolved amicably so that the litigation could end. According to Walmart's press release, Morgan stated that Walmart stood by him and his associates during their difficult time and that he was grateful a settlement was reached. Morgan's lawyer said he had nothing to add to what Walmart had already stated.

The crash occurred last June when Morgan and his associates were returning from a performance in Delaware. They were traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike when the limousine bus was hit by a Walmart truck. Morgan, well-known for his role on the popular TV shows "30 Rock" and "Saturday Night Live" suffered severe brain injury and spent weeks in the hospital and in rehabilitation.

A victim, like Morgan, or the family of a victim who died in a car accident may take legal action against those responsible for the injuries or death. Legal assistance is available to help save time and money and provide a positive outcome.

Source: NBC News, "Walmart, Tracy Morgan Settle Lawsuit Related to Deadly Accident," May 27, 2015

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