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What does the Consumer Product Safety Commission do?

The purchase and use of consumer products are an integral part of American life, so much so that it is difficult to imagine life without them. Camden, New Jersey, residents would be hard-pressed to live each day without the convenience of consumer products that, for the most part, are guaranteed to be safe to use due to the influence of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, which was established by the Consumer Product Safety Act of 1972, is responsible for protecting people from injury and other risks that may be the result of using or consuming defective or dangerous products. Since its inception, the CPSC has made remarkable contributions toward ensuring consumer safety. The CPSC's jurisdiction extends over thousands of consumer products used in homes, schools, workplaces and so on.

According to the Act, the CPSC's activities are all targeted at preventing harm caused by dangerous or defective products, including:

  • Enabling and assisting in the development of safety standards in tandem with consumers, industries and other stakeholders;
  • Deciding the implementation of standards or prohibitions if a product is found to be unsafe;
  • Initiating a recall process or taking other necessary action when an unsafe product is identified;
  • Spreading awareness and conducting research about any hazards posed by consumer products; and
  • Encouraging industries to develop safe products and propagating guidelines to help create safe consumer products.

The CPCS monitors thousands of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and importers and never endorses any specific product. Rather, the CPSC promotes a safe marketplace by imparting necessary training to importers and manufacturers about compliance with consumer product safety guidelines which can help develop robust manufacturing and service standards in the American marketplace. Consumers are always entitled to truthful information about the products they consume.

Source:, "2011-2016 ' U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Strategic Plan," Accessed on June 19, 2015

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