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Tracy Morgan car accident might finally be resolved

New Jersey residents have often fallen victim to unscrupulous and reckless driving. Unfortunately, anyone can be a victim of a car accident, and it can happen in the blink of an eye.

There are various reasons why car accidents occur. In most cases, however, it has been found that one driver was in violation of traffic laws, which may include driving under the influence, driving while texting, running stop signals, or speeding. Victims of such accidents often have high medical expenses and they be forced to lose wages when their injuries prevent them from working. Fortunately, though, these individuals also have the right to consult a lawyer to initiate a case against the negligent driver in hopes of recovering compensation for medical expenses and other economic and noneconomic damages.

The tragic truck accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan seriously injured has received much publicity in the months following the wreck. In that instance, a truck belonging to Wal-Mart whiplashed the limo in which the actor was travelling. The National Transportation Safety Board has scheduled a meeting to further investigate and issue a final report regarding the accident's cause. It has been reported that the actor suffered traumatic brain injuries, broken ribs, and a fractured leg. Three other occupants of the car also suffered serious injuries while two other passengers walked away with some minor injuries and bruises. One passenger died from injuries suffered in the crash.

The board previously released an investigation report that stated the truck was speeding when it hit the limousine. The truck driver was also found to be in violation of state trucking laws because he had been driving the vehicle for more than 24 hours without any sleep. Since trucks are heavy commercial vehicles, the laws regarding trucking operations are usually more stringent. However, criminal laws do nothing to help victims handle their financial losses. Therefore, those who have been hurt in a truck accident should consider seeking legal assistance in fighting for monetary awards.

Source: NBC News, "NTSB to determine cause of Tracy Morgan crash at hearing next week," Aug. 7, 2015

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