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September 2015 Archives

Government agency may ban some toxic chemicals

Products liability often comes up in the news in connection with harmful drugs, design problems in cars and other types of design defects. But more broadly, products liability can apply in many cases where consumers are hurt in some way by products. A recent report about federal regulators highlights another way consumers may be harmed by products.

New Jersey wrongful death victims and families need advocates

After the jarring and unexpected death of a loved one, there are many immediate issues that need to be dealt with. First and foremost, the funeral arrangements need to be squared away. After this there is tying up the deceased person's loose ends, which are often many when the death is so unexpected. Once this process begins the realization may set in that the person's death might have been prevented or avoided in some way. Many families realize during this time that it may be in their best interests to seek answers.

New Jersey medical supply co-defendant in malpractice suit

Hospitals are to be a place that look out for your health and well-being. However, sometimes things are overlooked at hospitals and these mistakes can cause severe harm or even death to a patient. For example, one woman, who was treated at a hospital, died due to a bacterial infection her family members claim was contracted from that hospital's surgical device. The hospital even went as far as to notify other patients who had come in contact with the surgical device that they should be checked for the bacterial infection.

Insurance requirements for workers' compensation-Part I

Workers' compensation, by definition, is an insurance policy for businesses and employers. Workers' compensation helps employees who have been injured while they were working for that business to get due compensation. Many New Jersey residents suffer such serious injuries, including loss of limb, broken bones, and herniated disks, some of which can lead to temporarily or permanent disability. Such disabilities may compromise a workers' ability to continue in their present job or find other work. Workers' compensation, thankfully, may help an injured employee find financial stability.