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October 2015 Archives

Difference between full and partial disability for workers' comp?

Work is hard and can mean long hours and labor-intensive work. For many people, especially in the physical labor field, the body can become burned out. This can cause an injury or repetitive-stress related condition, for example. It is also possible for workers to be injured on the job when a workplace accident occurs. Whatever the reason for a workers full or partial injury, the injured may have a claim for compensation under the Division of Federal Employee's Compensation or DFEC.

Beware of insurance companies offering low accident settlements

Most drivers claim they are excellent drivers, yet time and time again they are victims in terrible car crashes. These accidents can leave a wake of severe property damage and bodily injury. Most people involved in serious accidents resulting in serious injuries have never been in an accident before - even a minor one. This often means that injured victims and their loved ones may not know what to expect after this terrible incident.

NJ Supreme Court rules on doctor's lack of insurance

An interesting medical malpractice claim made it all the way to New Jersey's Supreme Court last week. The claim was against a New Jersey doctor who, among other complaints, was not insured with medical malpractice insurance at the time of a negligent surgery. The surgery in question had already been settled for the incident that injured a patient. The counter suit was filed for the above reasons and sought further damages.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: symptoms and possible prevention

Many Southern New Jersey residents work in blue collar or labor-intensive jobs that put stress and strain on the body. While a worker may take pride in their work ethic and abilities, they may not realize the extent of stress their body is enduring until it is too late. The reality is that a great number of Jersey residents can fall victim to a work injury or illness that renders them unable to work. For those people, workers' compensation exists to help offset the financial burden that is caused from a work injury.

How can medical misdiagnosis cause Camden County residents harm?

Every day in New Jersey, thousands of men, women and children are treated for anything from minor ailments to serious injuries or illnesses. Most often the process goes off without a hitch and the provided medical treatment is a success in healing or treating different ailments. The United States has some of the best doctors in the world and the proof of that is often felt by patients who receive this high level of care. However, doctors occasionally make mistakes.