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Difference between full and partial disability for workers' comp?

Work is hard and can mean long hours and labor-intensive work. For many people, especially in the physical labor field, the body can become burned out. This can cause an injury or repetitive-stress related condition, for example. It is also possible for workers to be injured on the job when a workplace accident occurs. Whatever the reason for a workers full or partial injury, the injured may have a claim for compensation under the Division of Federal Employee's Compensation or DFEC.

The amount of workers' compensation awarded to injured workers varies based on circumstances. One of the circumstances is the classification of an injury or disability. The DFEC classifies an injury as either full or partial disability. A full disability is described as the loss of use of both hands, both arms, both feet, both legs or the loss of sight of both eyes is considered prima facie permanent total disability.

Partial disability is described as having some degree of disability as described above but in a more moderate form that may prohibit the injured from working. If a person is classified as full disability, the United States shall pay the employee during the disability monthly monetary compensation equal to 66 and two-thirds percent of his monthly pay.

If a person is partially disabled, the United States shall pay the employee during the disability monthly monetary compensation equal to 66 two-thirds percent of the difference between his monthly pay and his monthly wage-earning capacity after the beginning of the partial disability. While on appearance the amounts paid appear to be the same, they are actually different with partial disability receiving a smaller percentage of paycheck.

If unable to work, a person should not be left to fend for him or herself. Oftentimes, the health of the injured requires medical attention or rehabilitation, which also costs money. With a lack of income, it can make paying the bills almost impossible. For those suffering from a partial or full disability, there are government programs available that may compensate for your misfortune.

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