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Common injuries sustained in car accidents

Everyone has heard the horror stories of car accidents and their corresponding injuries. But many Camden County residents are wondering, what are common injuries sustained due to a car accident? Some Camden County residents understand all too well due to personal experience. Of the 5.6 million car accidents reported nationally in 2012, 1.6 million accidents resulted in injuries to one or more drivers or passengers.

Of course, the injuries specifically sustained in each car accident vary. But generally, there are complaints that are typical to car accidents. Head and spinal cord injuries are some of the most serious injuries that can be sustained in a car accident. For example, the head can be easily struck against the steering wheel or dashboard in a sudden, jarring accident. Comparatively, spinal cord injuries can occur when the spine is shifted in a sharp way, such as in a car collision. Reduced sensation and control are common complaints related to spinal cord injuries with paralysis being the most severe type of ailment.

The first thing to do after sustaining an injury is to receive medical attention. Of course, medical attention is accompanied by medical bills, even if you have health insurance. These bills can be very high due to emergency room bills, physical therapy costs and even follow-up appointments. If someone else is at fault for your injury, do not think that you need to foot the bill alone.

Allow the responsible party to pay for the wrongs they caused you or a loved one. This begins by investigating the accident to understand how another party could have been negligent. Proving this negligence is the next step. Once this is proven, reparations often follow.

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