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December 2015 Archives

Help! What do I do immediately following a NJ car accident?

Imagine you have just been involved in a New Jersey car crash. Your first thought is likely the realization that you have been involved in a collision with another vehicle. Following that, you hastily check yourself and passengers for serious injuries. While everyone may appear to be in a stable condition, there are a few things you should do immediately to take not of any injuries and damages following the crash. Here is a list of tips for Camden Country car accident sufferers to follow.

Who can be held responsible after a birth injury?

The news that parents are expecting a bundle of joy is some of the most anticipated and exciting news in a parent's life. However, most parents never dream that their child could be the victim of a birth injury due to medical malpractice. Understanding how these injuries could potentially occur and who might be responsible for them is the key to receiving reparations.

Workers' compensation available for those injured on the job

Workplace safety regulations are becoming more encompassing as years pass, however, there is still marginal room for workplace injuries to happen on the job. These injuries can happen for a varying number of reasons. All injuries could have lasting results. Results like short or long term injuries, loss of wages and medical expenses to name a few. Recovering these losses in New Jersey workplace accident can mean the difference between financial stability or financial ruin.

Medical device recalls, next steps for Camden County residents

With advances in technology in recent years, many medical devices have been implemented to aid patients with conditions or illnesses. Usually these medical devices are a blessing that help Camden County patients lead better lives. However, sometimes the device is recalled due to an unintended defect due to manufacturing or design errors or defects. When this happens, many New Jersey residents aren't sure what to do next.