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Fatal car crashes spark police crackdown on drunk drivers

With the holiday season in full swing, New Jersey police are thinking of ways to keep motorists and passengers safe this season. There is always more danger on roads this time of year due to weather conditions, increased traffic or even drunk drivers.

According to a recent report, of all the fatalities on New Jersey roads last year, 27 percent were due to an intoxicated driver. In response to this, there are increased patrols and checkpoints beginning December 11th throughout the state.

To put a number to that percentage, 10,000 people die annually in car accidents on U.S. roads due to an intoxicated or drunk driver. These are all deaths that could have easily been prevented. It is as simple as the drunk driver choosing not to get behind the wheel after they have had a few too many. This negligence can be considered as serious as manslaughter if the accident is in connection with a wrongful death.

This is a sobering statistic, especially to those that have lost a love done in a drunk driving crash. The medical bills, loss of wages and pain and suffering this brings a family cannot truly be represented by a monetary value. However, the reparations a wrongful death suit can bring the family can be helpful for the future for loved ones, especially children. Drunk drivers can be held accountable for their mistakes, especially if the mistake was deadly.

The checkpoints and increased patrols should help deter drivers from getting behind the wheel. It can also protect other drivers from coming into contact with them if the patrols find them before tragedy can strike.

Source:, "Franklin Lakes police cracking down on impaired drivers," Daniel Hubbard, Dec. 1, 2015

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