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January 2016 Archives

Failure to warn a reason for injured to pursue liability claim

Accidents happen. This is a phrase we often hear. However, what this phrase should really say is, accidents happen that sometimes could have been prevented. What happens when a party is responsible for an injury that an innocent person suffers? Many New Jersey residents ask themselves this question after a product they used caused them or a loved one injury when it failed to warn of potential danger during use.

Car accident victims have legal recourse

The screeching of brakes, the shattering of glass and the taste of blood could all be sensations connected to a New Jersey car accident. Some car accident victims are lucky to only suffer minor injuries after a crash with another vehicle. Others would describe their injuries after a car accident as catastrophic. No matter the severity of the injuries, all who have suffered at the hands of a negligent driver should consider their legal options.

New Jersey-based Serco Inc., faces wrongful death suit

While there are so many ways to be on the receiving end of bad luck, nothing is worse than a family member meeting a tragic and unexpected end in a fatal accident. Whether a fatality is caused by an automobile or plane crash, work accident or a defective or dangerous product, the results are often the same. The sudden loss of a family member can send shock waves through an otherwise stable family. Once the funeral process has completed, it may be time to look towards what the future looks like after such a terrible event.

New Jersey distracted driving behaviors pose risk to safe drivers

Today, people tend to be completely overloaded, thus multi-tasking at any possible moment is often to go to method to get through a busy schedule. Sometimes this even means multi-tasking while behind the wheel. While this is very tempting to do, this is considered an illegal behavior because it can result in a car accident, causing serious injuries to innocent drivers and passengers. While it is understandable how distracted driving may happen, it is still unacceptable driving behavior in New Jersey.