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Failure to warn a reason for injured to pursue liability claim

Accidents happen. This is a phrase we often hear. However, what this phrase should really say is, accidents happen that sometimes could have been prevented. What happens when a party is responsible for an injury that an innocent person suffers? Many New Jersey residents ask themselves this question after a product they used caused them or a loved one injury when it failed to warn of potential danger during use.

Failure to warn is a claim that can prove products liability after an injury. Essentially, businesses and manufacturers have a responsibility to the consumer to warn users of hidden dangers related to a product. Also, instructions for use of a product should instruct users of how to avoid dangers and to use the product safely. If you believe an injury sustained to you or a loved one due to a product's failure to warn should be compensated for, consider your legal options during this confusing time.

The attorneys at Marmero & Mammano PC have the skills, experience and compassion to guide all injured Berlin residents to a favorable resolution. When a third party is responsible for injury; they should be held accountable. While there may have been no ill-will on behalf of a business or manufacturer, it is irrelevant. The facts are that a company can be held responsible when their product is not presented in a way that correctly warns users of inherent dangers that could be associated with their product.

We are not afraid of what a difficult case with too many moving parts. Products liability claims require a level of skill and attention that some others may not be able to deliver. Never a worry here, the legal staff at Marmero & Mammano PC can and will answer any questions you, an injured party, has.

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